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Chair of Islamic Studies – Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Seesemann

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Toward an Islamic Cultural Archive (ICA): Building a Collaborative Database of Islamic Learning in Africa

DFG, Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence, since August 2019

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The aim of this project is to collect data collaboratively about various aspects of "Islamic learning". The collaborative research team is bringing together a broad variety of perspectives reaching from every day Islam and festivities to informal and formalized settings of Islamic education. The team is creating synergies between various research interests by creating a joint cross-lingual database bringing together sources and research data from five African countries: Mauritania, Tunisia, Senegal, Kenya, and Tanzania. The database has been developed together with the digital team of the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence as a trilingual working environment that allows entering data with Latin and Arabic script alike. The collection integrates various types of data and connects it beyond language barriers by using a standard data description in each language environment and meanwhile interconnecting it cross-lingual by a multi-layered expandable tagging taxonomy. Read more

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